At Bonn

Bonner Mittelalterzentrum

Centre for the Classical Tradition

SFB 1167 Macht und Herrschaft – Vormoderne Konfigurationen in transkultureller Perspektive


Member of the Junges Kolleg of the Nordrhein-Westfälische Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Künste

Core faculty member of the Anglo-Saxon Studies Colloquium.

Founder and moderator of the Women medievalists in Europe facebook group.

Member of the AHRC network Voices and Books 1500-1800

Loose affiliation with SFB 980 Episteme in Bewegung. Wissenstransfer von der alten Welt bis in die frühe Neuzeit. (Collaborative Research Center 980: Episteme in Motion. Transfer of Knowledge from the Ancient World to the Early Modern Period.)

Scholarly Organizations

Canadian Society of Medievalists
The Modern Language Association
The Medieval Academy of America
New Chaucer Society
International Society for the History of Rhetoric
The International Society of Anglo-Saxonists
BABEL Working Group
Society of Medieval Feminist Scholarship
Deutscher Anglistenverband

I teach medieval English at the University of Bonn, and write about literature, food, immigration, and dance.