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London Review of Books Podcast

Close Readings Plus: Medieval Beginnings” 12 podcast series, with Mary Wellesley / LRB
Encounters with Medieval Women: Firebrand” with Mary Wellesley / LRB
Encounters with Medieval Women: Storyteller” with Mary Wellesley / LRB
Encounters with Medieval Women: Anchoress” with Mary Wellesley / LRB
Encounters with Medieval Women: Repentant Sinner” with Mary Wellesley / LRB (re-aired on CBC Ideas)


Marina Litvinenko, Sexual Harassment, Medieval Woman” / BBC Woman’s Hour
Tracing the origins of celebrity, from medieval divas to Kris Jenner” / CBC Ideas
Perfectionism: A Medieval and Modern Malady” / CBC Ideas
Writing Historical Women: A Panel with Ruby Lal, Irina Dumitrescu and Alison Keith” / Jackman Humanities Institute
Craft Matters: A Conversation with Ruby Lal” / Jackman Humanities Institute
A Constant State of Foreignness” / Times Literary Supplement podcast
Der Roman als Lebensretter – Über die Rolle von Fiktion in Krisenzeiten” / Herrenhäuser Gespräch (Aired on NDR Sonntagsstudio)
Don’t Sweat It.TLS podcast
Abbess, Editor, CEO.LRB podcast
Cooking by the Book: A Conversation with Chefs and Writers” / Food and the Book: 1300-1800
Alles neu macht der Corona-Mai” / Lightmedium
Eskapismus als Überlebensstrategie” / Deutschlandfunk
Godzilla, the plague, etc” / TLS podcast
Reading During Crisis” / The Spouter-Inn
Absolutely worth the hype” / TLS podcast
Irina Dumitrescu on Food Writing” / The Spouter-Inn podcast
The recipe for superstardom” / TLS podcast
Netzwerke von Frauen in der Geschichte” / Deutschlandfunk
“Food Matters” / Kelly Writers House (Video part 1, part 2)
The Dark Side of Food Writing” / Ohio University
The Futures of Medieval Studies and the Academy: A Panel Discussion” with Barbara Rosenwein and Mary Carruthers / Medieval Academy of America


On the Academic Herd Mind” / The Chronicle of Higher Education Review
Thinking in Old English” / New York Review of Books
JHI 2021-22 Fellows’ Profile: Irina Dumitrescu” / Jackman Humanities Institute
Public Writing: An Introduction” / Jackman Humanities Institute
People With Babies Are Often the Most Efficient People Around” / Write Like a Mother
Was passiert, wenn Wissenschaftler für Laien schreiben?” / University of Bonn
Eskapismus ist eine Überlebensstrategie“ Anglistik-Professorin Irina Dumitrescu zur Rolle der Literatur im Überleben und Überwinden der Krise” / University of Bonn
Featured Member for January 2018 / Canadian Society of Medievalists
Digesting Texas, And Other Pursuits of a Fusion Medievalist: A Conversation with Irina Dumitrescu” / Essay Daily