University of Bonn

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Medieval English Literature (Plenum)
Violence in Medieval English Literature (Seminar)
The Medieval Love Poem (Übung)
Medieval English Drama (Seminar)
Introduction to Old English (Übung)
Old English Riddles (Seminar)
Food and Eating in Medieval Literature (Seminar)
How to Eat in the Middle Ages (Übung)
Short Readings in Old English (Seminar)

Graduate Courses

Plenum Mittelalterstudien: Liebe und Erotik im Mittelalter (group taught)
Sex and Gender in Medieval England (Seminar)
Heroines and Heroes in Medieval English Literature (Übung)
Middle English Dream Visions (Seminar)
Medieval Romance: Adventure and Sanctity (Übung)
Bede: Poet, Historian, Teacher (Seminar)
English Hagiography (Übung)
Troilus and Criseyde and their Afterlives (Seminar and Übung)
Food & Culture (group taught)

Southern Methodist University

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Literary Study
Old English Language and Literature
Anglo-Saxon Literature
Violence in Medieval Literature
Medieval Epic

Graduate Courses

How the English Learned to Read (Proseminar)

Yale University

Teaching Assistant

World Performance (Joseph Roach)
Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (Lee Patterson)
Word and Image in the Middle Ages (Lee Patterson, Howard Bloch)

Language Partner

Teacher for Romanian in Directed Independent Language Study program at Yale Center for Language Study.